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Claudia (Cayenne, Noi and Rooney)

Coming back home to Germany I was very happy to see that Claudi still owns my dear old friend Noi. Noi is way over 20 years now and still doing great under good care of Claudi. When Claudi purchased her new horse Rooney she asked for my help and I really loved working Rooney and Claudi and we still talk about our wonderful trail rides. There was nothing better, than taking the horses out on a trail after some good dressage work.

Dear Nicole,

So glad to hear you are happy in the States, but I still miss you and wish you were back here.

I often think back of our trail rides with Rooney and Noi. This is something I am really missing. Just relaxing, enjoying to be on the back of my horse, watching the sunset and forget about everything else.

And I do think even further back to our times with Cayenne. The picture of us with Cayenne at my brothers place is on my desk in my office.


Claudi on Rooney

Claudi on Rooney

Claudi on Noi

Good old Noi

Dear Nicole,

thank you for your help!
Without you I may would have never learnt to ride my young horse Cayenne.

We all miss you very much, Cayenne, Noi and I.

The Ppcture showing us with Cayenne is in my office and I do often think about the old times and how patient you have been with us. That was the right way to give me my selfconfidence back.

Miss you

Cayenne, Claudi and myself

Claudi and Cayenne