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Certified Groom (FN)

I went to the Rhineland Riding Academy to sign in for the course for becoming a trainer, but the course was already booked out, so I signed in to become a certified groom. I expected it to be an easy goal, but I had to find out, that there is a lot to learn if you want to be a professional groom. After the two week course we got a one day examination.

The grades in Germany are 1 for the best result and 6 if you didn't pass.

My grades:
Caretaking and Feeding of Horses: 1
Barn Duties, Hygiene, Facilities: 1
Caretaking of Tack: 1.5
Lunge Lining: 1.5
Veterinary Medicine: 1
Farrier Knowledge: 1
Responsibilities of Grooming: 1