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La Fancy

La Fancy
Arts Self Portrait x Avatars Knights Commander

I have trained La Fancy during my time as a trainer of Highlife Farms. She was sold on the auction and I lost her for a couple of month out of sight until she came to Sunset Acres where I boarded Bingo and Ruby. It tokk another few month until Fancy who has been a good girl on highlife and has been used in beginner lessons showed some missbehaviour caused by bad riding. It was hard for me to see this beautiful mare being ridden hunter/jumper. Everybody who knows me knows I don't think any good of this riding. Too much weight on the front legs and slow riding keeps horses from carrying themselves and the rider the healthy way, which is with the hindends. Most horses are soon in pain. Needs the hooks injected, needs chiropractic because of sore backs, ... No wonder Fancy started to fight the rider. I finally convinced Lisa to give Fancy to em in training. When I got her there was not a lot of the old Highlife Fancy left in her. She was so sore she couldn't even keep the canter on the lunge line. I worked her a whole week, lot of transitions, bending, trotting over polls and slowly she started working with her hindlegs and her back relaxed. After that I mounted her and felt her insecurity. She was afraid of me causing her pain. It took a while until she realized Dressage is for the horse. I ride it to strech, relax and gymnastizise the horses. Soon she opens up completely and became old Fancy again. After only 7 weeks I took her to her first show ever. I know it was a little bit early for First Level but I signed in anyways. Saturday she was a bit tense, but Sunday she was a Super Star! In the mornign we got Highpoint Champion in the Training Level in in the evening we placed second out of five in First Level, all other four horses has been Warmbloods. I was very proud of Fancy. What an unexpected nice Mix. I know her mother Lakota a white Percheron mare that has been on Highlife as well and her father is a Quarter Horse stallion.
Congrats to Lisa and Stacy Machuga for purchasing the right horse.