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Chiara (Twilight)

It was the dream of Twilight's owner to have a horse of her own. She rode as a young girl and then stopped riding. When her daughter was taking lessons she started again and bought a lesson horse. There are some good and reliable lesson horses out there, but with Twilight she got screwed. That mare never has been tought the basics of riding. Probably she has been bought for cheap in Poland where she has been used for farm work. I don't know how you can think of her being a good lesson horse. But if you starve a horse and let it go several lessons a day, it will eventually give up and behave. That stopped when the owner moved her to a new barn where she got fed properly. I really tried hard to make her a good girl for the owner and her daughter, but Twilight remaind difficult and something for an experienced rider, so we decided to sell her and buy a better educated horse.