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Trentino GL

Rheinländer Breeding Stallion
Templer (xx) x Rekord GL

My favorite boy at the Gestuet Lindenkreuz. Probably not as talented as Loquito but has the heart of a lion and figured out pretty soon that I was trying to help him. When I first rode him he was short in his strides and hard in his back not able to lower his head. He was jumped a lot during the show season. Day by day he softened up, lowered his head and started trusting me and giving me his back. Soon after that his joy in beeing ridden came back, his back started swinging and his strides opened up. He was not too good behaving in the video but that was because the pasture we are working in is a mare and foal pasture and with all the deliciuos smell in his nose it was hard for him to focus.