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Sabrina (Cleo, Daisy and Dario)

Back in Germany I was glad to see that Sabrina hasn't giving up on riding but found another horse to lease. Dario is an 8 years old Fresion gelding that hasn't been worked a lot. He was purchased as a trail horse and bucked the owner off at one of their first trail rides. Sabrina worked with him and after a while and with a little bit of help Dario became a super safe trail horse that the owner can enjoy as well.


I want to say thank you.
Thank you for being my friend for over 10 years , for all the shows I was allowed to help you, for all the activities we did together, for all our fun trail rides, for every single memory that I will keep in mind, for the moments we argued and for the moments we laughed. Thank you for everything!
All I know about horses I learnt from you.

Sabrina and Dario

Dear Sabrina,

one day you will visit us and we will go on trails and we will argue and laugh, because that's what friends do!

Thanks for all your help over the years

Sabrina on Dario with my godson Viktor

Sabrina on Dario and me on Samos

Sabrina on Dario and me on Rosie

Sabrina long-reining Dario

Dark and Dario(unbenannt)

Sabrina on Dario and me on Dark

Dario and Rosie

Sabrina on Dario and me on Rosie

Sabrina was leasing the mare Cleo, that stood in the stall right next to Daisy. After Cleo moved to another stable Sabrina was so unhappy that she didn't want to keep on riding. But she still loved horses and wanted to be with them. So she started helping me with Daisy and did a great job. She was not only there for me when I was demotivated, she helped me with getting Daisy into the trailer, she helped me on the shows, she was there for me, when we were late for shows, when we were good and successful and when we were not so good. She as well took care of Daisy while I am on vacations. She was my helping hand whenever I need one and I really hope, that she will find her way back to riding, even Cleo isn't there anylonger and even Daisy is sold. It is not the right way only to look back, there is so much future holds for us.

Thank you for everything, Sabrina!

Sabrina and Daisy