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Michaela (Max)

Michaela's dream came true when she bought her first horse Max. Max is an Irish cob and even though he is young he is a good boy and willing to try everything you ask him for. When Michaela moved to a new barn Max became difficult, very explosive and one day Michaela fell off. Ever since there was little to no trust left in both. I felt Michaelas love for Max and was willing to fix the relationship of them. After a while Michaela gained back her confidence and with some training Max became a safe and nice to ride horse. I was very proud of both when we went to their first show.

Dear Nicole,

I wish you only the best for your adventure in the US.
I hope you don't blame me for wishing you would stay in Germany. You did such an amazing job with Maxi and me and we will miss you. Hendrik and I hope to visit you one day and I hope I will find another riding instructor. I know I will not find anyone like you again.
Thanks for making our first show such a great experience!
I am very thankful for everything you tought us.

Take care
Michaela and Maxi

Max and his Christmas present a NJ-Dressage pad

Michaela & Max at their 1st show

Guiding students to become show riders