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Highlife Mares

Beneath Der Euro I got four girls to start under saddle: Highlife's Fürstin Dollar, Highlife's High Society, Highlife's Je Tàime and Highlife's Rubies and Diamonds. All they knew were halter, farrier and vet. I pulled their manes to make them look like horses and started carefully with wraps on the front legs and lunge line on the halter. All four of them got the idea of running in a cricle around me pretty fast. Then I added step by step bridle and saddle and side pulls. After two weeks all four of them were able to show all three gaits under saddle with side pulls on the lunge line so it was time to mount. At this point Rubies and Diamonds was taken over by someone else and I got in addition the green stallion Highlife's Cavalli King and two other green girls: Highlife's Precious Princess and Highlife's Lucina. I started lunging the three new horses and mounted Princess but short after that Highlife's plans changed and I got new horses to train like the stallion Bulgari Boy.
I started riding first with Je taime and was surprised to see her accepting the rider so easily and stressfree. Then I did the same with Fürstin and High Society. All three of them are very fast learner and pretty soon I was able to ride them walk and trot in the arena without any help. They were so motivated and eager to learn, it was really a pleasure to work with them. All got the great mind of Donnerhall in them.

Fürstin as a filly

Fürstin after being started

High Society as a filly

High Society after being started

Je Tàime

Je T'aime after being started

Me 2nd time on Je Tàime

Rubies & Diamonds as a filly

Ruby 5yo

Lucina as a filly

Lucena has been a good girl being started

Precious Princess as a filly

Precious Princess after being started

Cavalli King as a filly

HF Cavalli King after being started

Bulgari Boy after being started