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RA 3 (German Ridng Degree by the FN)

In former times there have been only three riding degrees (RA's) comparable to the USDF medals in Germany. Nowadays we have 10 of them. The first ones are RA 10 to 6. These are the easier degrees mostly done by young riders. If you want to go to recognized shows, you need to have at least the RA 5 or higher that you can only achieve by doing a course and an exam. The examination will be in Dressage or jumping and in theory. The grades are comparable to the riding scores. I got an overall 7.8 which is comparable to 78%. The RA 3 means there are only two more degrees to get until I have them all.

Special thanks to the Lender's family allowing me to ride their wonderful stallion Lumiere during the course and in the test.

My first riding degrees have been some time ago. Back then we had only RA IV-I. This is why it says I have done IV and III.