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USDF Bronze Medal

After my first recogniozed show with Bingo who was just one year under saddle I checked my scores on Centerline and it said I had already 4 of the 6 needed scores for the USDF Bronze Medal. So I showed Bingo 3rd level to get the missing two scores over 60%. When we finally made it, it was short term before leaving the US and moving back to Germany. I called the USDF and they told me that Centerline wasn't right and that the scores needed to be from different shows and different judges. Inbetween I had shown Fancy Training and 1st level. So I got one counting score for 1st level with Bingo and one with Fancy and I got both counting scores in 3rd level with Bingo, but I never showed 2nd level once more, so I was missing a 2nd level score. The following year we spent our vacation in Florida in March and my former student Jeanne gave me her horse Arial. Unfortunately half of the show was canceled due to a storm, that left me with only one chance and Arial spooked in that test and we only got 57%. The next attempt to get the score was in 2016. The new owner of Bingo Svenny was so nice to give me her mare Bella. Bella is an awsome ride like Arial. On our first try she gave me a 69%, that was her highest second level score ever.