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Highlife Stallions

After the Highlife Farms owner saw me improving Der Euro she decided I should ride Der Euro's brother Der Dollar as well. Both Euro and Dollar were imported from Germany. Euro was well ridden by Johannes Westendarp and after being imported by Lisa Wilcox. I would have loved to ride Dollar as well. But the other trainer at Highlife, Dario, who was not happy seeing my success on Euro, interfered. As there was no progress with Dollar, he was told to train with Hannah. Elderly Hannah was too afraid to ride Dollar on her own, so she tried to teach Dario who is a good groom, but not a good rider and no wonder there was no improvement on poor Dollar.
When things got crazier after Hannah became barn manager at Highlife, the horses I got to train changed fast and I got two stallions to start, Cavalli King and Bulgary Boy.

Der Euro with Lisa Wilcox

HF Cavalli King after being started

Bulgari Boy after being started