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Der Euro

1998 Oldenburg Gelding

When I came to Highlife Farms with Bingo I saw Euro being ridden by a guy with draw reins. Really sad. It was said he is difficult and rearing.
I checked his scores on centerline scores and found him shown by Lisa Wilcox and not very successfully by a girl named Tracy. Before that he was imported from Germany where he won at the age of 4 the Bundeschampionat 2002 in Warendorf.
Euro was my first horse to ride when I started working for Highlife Farms. He was stiff, hard in the hand, dead at the leg. Impressive what bad riding can do to a horse. I started at zero with him, make him trust into the rider hand again and make him give his back and accept the rider leg. He never reared with me. Soon he remembered what the outside rein is good for and with trusting me he started to relax and after that we could start working through the levels.
Unfortunately he got an infection and became weak but I knew this would be my last chance to have a memory of him and so I asked my husband to take this video.
Euro was sold like all the other horses that have been in training with me at the auction. I think he has found a good new home where people care about him and I hope he has found a good rider as well. After all he has been through he deserves it.