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Christoph Hess

I am always open to new things and I was very happy when I was choosen to take a lesson with Christoph Hess. Hess currently holds the positions of Head of Instruction and Head of the Personal Members Department at the DOKR and is an FEI “I” Judge in both Dressage and Eventing. We have a lot in common and I appreciate his opinion that is very related to the Directives for Riding by the FN (Richtlinien fuer Reiten und Fahren). I just see these books as what they are: directives. This is something I absolutely work with, but from time to time horses will cross your way where you have to be open to other ideas to reach your goals. Let's compare it to kids with special needs. You can be the best teacher with the best knowledge in the world and still not get through to them. I am definately not the best rider in the world, but I have something that is very important: Feeling and the ability to find a way to reach horses, even if this way is not written in the FN rule book.

The pic below says it all: While Mr. Hess and I arguing, Silvermoon wishes himself somewhere else.