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Warmblood gelding

Monty was purchased as a foal for Batrix daughter Christina. Christina never liked riding Monty and so he was used as a trail horse by Beatrix. Beatrix always felt weired in the arena as Monty was missing the basics of dressage training. When I started riding him he was very inactive with his hindend, resulting in a tight back and an unnaturally high neck position. The whole horse was not balanced. No wonder he couldn't canter left lead and the right lead canter was more of an unsecure running. After working Monty a couple of weeks Beatrix wanted to have some lessons and couldn't stop smiling while she was in the saddle. Monty willingly lowered his head and offered her his back plus Beatrix was able to canter him both hands.

Beatrix happy with a nicely streching Monty