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Certified Horse and Rider Trainer (FN)

Before you can sign up for a class to become a certified trainer you need to pass a one day inspection. After that day where you were tested in Dressage, Jumping and theory you get an approval, or you need to come back. I got approved at first attempt. The course takes 3 weeks, 8 hours from Monday to Friday and 5 hours on Saturdays. We were riding Dressage and jumping everyday. In the mean time we were giving riding lessons and learnt theory. At the end of the three weeks we were examinated for two days by different judges.

The grades in Germany are 1 for the best result and 6 if you didn't pass.

My grades:
Dressage: 2
Jumping: 3.5
Cross Country: 2.5
Sport Science, Psychology: 3
Dressage Lesson: 4
Jumping Lesson: 3.5
Riding Doctrine: 3.5
Riding Doctrine (written): 3.5
Organisation, Sport and Enviroment, Safety: 2.5
Horse Keeping, Veterinary Medicine: 1.5

Day one of the two day examination