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Colic Seminar (Equine Clinic Burg Mueggenhausen)

The colic seminar by the Equine Clinic Burg Mueggenhausen has been very interesting. The vets explained a lot what causes colics, the different types of colic, how to do first aid until the vet arrives, different ways of treatment up to surgery. Very interesting as well the speech of a vet pointing out teeth problem linked up to colics. And as we all know No.1 causing colic problem is unnatural feeding of horses, not enought hay, not enough gras and too much grain. According to the FN the recommendet amount for Warmbloods is 2-2.5 kg per 100kg bodyweight of the horse. For example a small horse like 500kg should get 10-12.5 kg which is something like 22-27 pounds of hay per day per horse. This is why I kept my horse in Germany at a barn where the horses get unlimited hay all day, even on the pastures during summer and for sure on the paddocks durign winter, when there is no pasture time to protect the gras.
The picture shows Fiderfein in his stall. Only ill horses are kept on shavings, usually horses got straw for bedding. To prevent the hay being mixed with the straw, it is kept outside of the stall.

Example for healthy horse keeping