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Janina (Magic)

Dear Nicole,

Magic is in his twenties now. I first lease him, but it was clear to me, that I would buy him as soon as possible and so I did. I always enjoyed trail riding without paying too much attention to Dressage. You absolutely changed my mindabout this and showed me how important it is to keep my horse strong and healthy.
I still have problems with the half pass, but who would have thought that we would ever be able to train Magic to Piaffe? And the best thing about it: he loves it! I can feel him lifting his back and carrying his weight with his hindends.
My chiropractor was very impressed about Magic's well built muscles, he only rarely sees horses in that shape at that age.

Can't thank you often enough for everything you have done for us

Wishing you good luck in the States
Janina and Magic

Magic and his Christmas present a NJ-Dressage pad