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Catherine (Rosie)

"Where to start? When I purchased Rosie, I knew she would need a restart with her training. She was very sweet but was also very resistant and uncooperative under saddle. I worked with her last fall and brought her along fairly well but not near enough to suit me. Then cold weather set in and she colicked very badly. So training obviously had to be put on hold till spring time.
I was having a lot of difficulty managing her and had to admit that I could use some help with her.
Just when I needed it most, a new dressage coach/trainer appeared! And what a godsend Nicole Janssen has been for Rosie and I !!!!
She helped turn Rosie into a wonderfully cooperative mount for me. She is very nicely manageable now. She is really a happier horse all around. She maneuvers herself well through her dressage trainings. In sum, she is no longer unmanageable and a delight to ride. Can’t thank you enough Nicky!!!

When Cathy and I met first I wasn't sure if I would be able to help her and Cathy was probably not sure if a dressage trainer would be the perfect fit, but we gave it a try. My first rides have been quite a fight, as Rosie thought she was in charge of the speed and wasn't happy about the idea of bit connection. She used to run into the canter and then start bucking. I could feel she had some proper training in her, just long ago. After a few rides the canter got smoother and the bucking stopped. Catherine is learning the aids and how to properly use them and all in a sudden Rosie became a nice and manageable horse and they are doing shoulder in and leg yield in trot.