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Beatrix (Monty)

Beatrix saw me riding Fiderfein and asked for my help with her daughters horse Robin and with her horse Monty. She owns Monty since he was a foal and he has always been a good boy. The had trained with some other trainers that didn't show results. Beatrix wanted Monty to be ridden healthy. Active hindends, through the body into the rider hand to provide a healthy back. Unfortunately Monty was holding his back in fear of being hurt and would not lower his head. It took me a while, but once her realized riding is a good thing he relaxed his back and at that point I asked him for canter. Because he has been sos tiff in his back he would only bolt into a gallop never picking up the right lead. In the end Beatrix was very proud of her horse. Best proof of my riding is for me, when the horses are good with their owners as well. If the horses are only good while I am riding I have only done half of the job.

Dear Nicole,

You can't know how much you have done for our whole family. Before we met you we were thinking about selling the horses and now my husband and I can't wait to come to the barn and spending some quality time with our daughter and our horses and forgetting about everyday sorrows.

After all these years Christina is finally happy riding Robin and I was surprised to see her riding Monty so well. A thing she refuses to do since I bought him.

You are such a positve person, we couldn't have found anyone better for us and our horses.

We all miss you

Beatrix, Kurt and Monty

Beatrix making progress and loosing weight!

Beatrix happy with a nicely streching Monty