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Dream of Donata

Dona was for sale at a very low price which should have made me suspicious. But because she was a very beautiful mare at a young age my husband agreed to buy her for me for christmas. It was clear that she has experienced some bad things so I decided to give her a riding break. Unfortunately the weather was very bad at new years eve 2007 so I decided to ride her in walk just to give her the possibility to move a little bit. The arena was stucked full and everybody hold his breath while Dona suddenly stopped, took a step back, lowered her hindlegs and back flipped on me. In reflex I managed to throw my body to the right side, so she "only" landed on my left leg. Otherwise I could have been dead.
After half a year of longlining I gave her another try and she behaved well, but it was very obvious that she would never become an easy riding dressage horse like Daisy. So I decided to sell her to a nice woman who wants to trailride and maybe take her as a broodmare.
At first Dona was very unhappy. Most of the day she slept and everytime I came to her stall she stood with her back to the door as if she wishes everybody to pass. After a while she recognized that I was no enemy and that I don't want to hurt her. She stopped with all her bad behaviors and became a loveable mare who greets me everytime I entered the barn. I really hope she found her peace at her new home.