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Christina (Robin)

While I boarded Fiderfein at the new barn Britta choose for her horses, Beatrix saw me riding and asked for my help. Her daughter Christina owns the wonderful gelding Robin and has some difficulties handling his power under saddle. So I took Robin and Monty, Beatrix horse, in training. Robin turned out to be a wonderful ride. He has been a 1,6m jumper befor Christina bought him, but he was not unwilling to learn some Dressage. After a few weeks of training Christina took a lesson and was super happy:


I can't thank you enough! Before I always went to barn with stomach pain, worrying about mounting Robin and being afraid of him again misbehaving and scaring me.
Now I can't wait to go the barn and I enjoy riding my horse. I have learnt a lot from you and now I know how to handle Robin.

I am still smiling thinking back at Robins and my first show. That has been a once in a lifetime experience because of you!

I now own the RA5 which was a far away dream for me before we met.

Robin and I owe you so much. I wish you would come back.

We miss you!

Christina on her good boy Robin